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Energy is the foundation of all industrial processes and therefore it is essential to ensure safe energy supply. This industry is heavily dependent on suppliers to provide complex services and critical equipment to support ongoing projects and operations.

You need a supplier who is familiar with the technical requirements to offer you a suitable solution. We provide solutions to improve your production processes, innovation in designs and compliance with safety regulations in sectors related to Oil, Gas, Petrochemistry and Power plants as well as renewable energy. In a world that is increasingly concerned about sustainability, Phoenix offers solutions for the renewable energy assembly and repair market as we are committed to the environment. Our solutions can be applied for the following renewable energies: wind, hydroelectric and solar energy.


Fields of our Expertise

Production Lines
  • Presenting the Machineries for Production of Petrochemicals like Glycol and MPG Monopropylene Glycol
Welding Technologies
  • Knowledge Transfer and Supplying the High-Level Technologies in Welding such as Ultrasonic Welding- and Spot Welding Systems
Spare Parts
  • Supplying the Electrical Components for Projects in Power Industry and Machanical Parts like Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Fittings, Cylinders, Actuators, Hoses for Energy Industry
Instrumentation & Automation
  • Supplying the Measuring Tools, Sensors and Detectors as well as Control Systems & Drivers
Raw Materials
  • Procurement Consulting and Supplying the Raw Materials for Production of Power Plants, Power Generators & Turbines
Machinery Tools
  • Supplying the high quality Tools such as Inserts and Cutting Materials, Grinding Wheels, Cutting Disks & any other Special Tools


Some of our Projects

Glycerin Refining Plant

Glycol and MPG Monopropylene Glycol Production Line: A project with a wide range of services: Dismantling, Packing, Shipping, Reengineering and Commissioning

Product Category
Energy & Power
Industry Category
Industrial Equipment & Machineries

San Giorgio, Italy, 2020

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